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Thursday, April 5, 2012

what happen?

is that ending here?
what should i do?
what going on?
everything has change

you or me?
a song that you ask me to dont hear it anymore and today i hear that you listen that song again..
maybe is me think a lot..
maybe thing really change..
bad luck this going around and around for me..
got this problem..that problem...
accident twice is this week..
money going to finish..
everybody tell me ‘xun qi zhi ran'...
facing your family and facing my family..
why i feel like suffering facing them?

the heart like hurting myself..

problem problem..
i dont want my life become worst..
i want have a wonderful life..
i dont want everyday also scare..everyday suffering..
i very difficult to face it..
can i back to my normal life?
no need to scare..

i just hope everything went back normal..pls

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


from yesterday i keep listening this song..
i feel like this song is saying my life..

today evening my friend say go eat sushi king..
we go the nearest sushi king at leisure mall..
when reach so many people waiting for other person to come out..
and the line is so long..@@
so we decided to go 'sing k'..
3.30++ sing until 7.00..
but me 6.15 already go back..
go shop help for a while then go back home..
then talk with baby..
have some problem today..@@
finish talk go sleep..


Tuesday, October 11, 2011


happy day..^^
today no school cause today is last day PMR..=]
today morning 6 o clock i ask baby call me..
cause yesterday she no time chat with me..^o^
we talk talk talk...
already 7++
suddenly the phone phone no battery..=.=ll
take go charge..
on back then call baby but she no answer..=[
8 o clock feel hungry..
i go morning market buy breakfast eat..=)
eat eat eat..8.45 ++ baby call me...^^
she say a movie that she saw yesterday night
people post on facebook..
she ask me download give her see..
later her mom say..
this like a new movie..
now show on cinema..
then i also help baby check..
this movie really show now in cinema..
i also help them check where have this movie..
then baby ask me got friday??
cause friday near weekend
so can late back home and mom won't scold..
but i say here no show friday..
then baby look like so sad..=[
she say she really want see this movie..
after a while..
she tell me later afternoon she no free...
i ask why she say later go watch that movie..@@
i also say i want go..
she say don't want lah..later my mom scold..
then i tell her i curi-curi go out..xD
then she say you like..xD
then 10++ i prepare then call taxi uncle come take me..
reach there 11.35am go cinema buy ticket...

movie title: The Sorcerer And The White Snake
movie time:12.15pm
cinema room:4
place: IOI Mall

then go 'ding ding chang' play while waiting them to come..
they say around 12.30pm will reach..
so i 12.15pm start waiting them outside the cinema..
while waiting i play i-runner game..xD
they reach..we buy popcorn then go in cinema room..
when go in the movie start 20 minutes already..
i don't know in front say what..=[
eat popcorn..yummy..^^
finish movie 2 o clock..
we go eat KFC..
then i wait taxi uncle come fetch me back home..
taxi uncle say 3.30 like that come fetch me..
but i wait until 4 o clock he only come..@@
baby mom say headache so they back home 1st..
i reach home 4.30pm lucky my mom don't know i went out..xD
when i prepare go shop..
taxi uncle outside my brother shop..
lucky he didn't talk much..=]
the time going to 6..
tuition time..
boring..kok bin brother didn't come..
listen teacher talking and waiting the time to pass..
yeah the bell ring..balik rumah lu..xD
then online..
later study..
later later sleep..xD

bYe~g00d night..^^

Friday, October 7, 2011


go school no mood do what also no mood..
after back from school talk with baby..
everything solve..=]
at school i also see my baby name mimi..
when i say i thinking of her..
i so miss her..=[

i also give her attend 1 making cake class..
cause we decided to bake cake for her mom on her birthday...
and this week or next week will buy back my phone..=]
next month i will buy couple phone..

happy ending for today..^^

love you baby ...muackzzz


nothing to say much just have picture..

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

30/9 - 4/10

had a bad days..
scolding from mom...
baby don't want pick up my phone..T.T
i feel like so mom give some word to my baby mom
and her mom told baby my mom like don't like her..=[
i really don't know what to do..

my phone leave away from me...heart pain..=[


this few day i also very happy with baby..
can go shopping without her mom and her sis and bro...
every morning go out eat breakfast..
teach baby how to cycle bicycle...

3/10 i was so happy..
i thought i was dreaming..
when a wake up from nap..
i saw my baby know how to cycle bicycle already..^^
just a short time she already know cycle..^o^

sorry i don't know need to write what anymore...
will update my blog..come see ya...^^

i love you baby jessie..♥♥

Thursday, September 29, 2011


today so happy..^o^
after finish school
im rushing go sunway pyramid for sales..xD
my baby thought i will come late
i come early then them..xD
when they reach
we go jusco there buy the cheapest '辣死啊妈' ...
after finish eating we go walk the jusco
i saw so many people and so crowded..
i buy a box of underwear
a beach pant..
we go back the lower ground..
i go buy milk tea give them drink..
we go buy butter cake..cause i promise buy give baby eat..
time not early so we call kenny come fetch us..
reach home..
we say to her mom
we want go walk walk..
but we go buy bicycle..
after buy i go add something for the bicycle..
i see baby was smile when i take her for ride..
the sky going dark..
so we rush go buy dinner for us..
when reach home the 2 smallest 1 didn't see the bicycle..@@
when i say they only say wow..@@
then i also go take bath and eat dinner..
after a while my sister boyfriend come fetch me..
cause sister have to 'ot'..


miss y0u..=[

miss y0u..=[